Energy poverty is a widespread phenomenon across Europe with a bigger prevalence in the Central and Eastern part of the continent. 

To support innovations reducing energy poverty in the CEE region, the 2019 Call for Projects will focus on open on initiatives from Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. You can fill in and update your application starting with February 21st at 9am CET and until April 12th 2019 at midnight CET. You can fill in application form in any of the following languages: English, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian or Bulgarian. 


You can apply if: 

  • You can be a representative of a non-profit organization, academic institution, a start up, a business

  • Or you can be also an individual or a representative of an informal group, aged over 18 at the start of the call for projects 

  • You have a mature project that is already implemented for at least one year at the date of application, is proven to be successful and is ready to scale its impact and reach (the participation in this solution accelerator is an opportunity for you to further develop your scale up strategy) 

  • Or you have a young idea / an early stage project (the participation in this solution accelerator is an opportunity for you to bring your fresh perspective on energy poverty and build a good implementation and sustainability strategy) 

  • You and the organization must be resident in one of the following countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria 

  • You or your project colleagues must be able to travel to international gatherings – in June for the Launch of the Impact Programme and in December for the final event  


Other observations:  

  • Governmental agencies, and corporate foundations are not eligible to participate in the Call for Projects 

  • You/your organization can submit up to 2 applications for different projects, but only one of them may be selected in the future stages of the Social Innovation to Tackle Energy Poverty Solutions Accelerator 

  • Out of the 15 finalists selected, minimum 10 will be mature ideas and maximum 5 young ideas 


All applicants meeting the above eligibility criteria are then evaluated on the basis of the following selection: 

1. Social mission and innovation  

The social need is clearly identified and expressed and put into the context of energy poverty in the country, proved with solid facts and numbers. Its resolution would bring about positive impact in society and direct impact on energy poor based on clear identification of the needs of beneficiaries, influencing quality of human life. The projects are designed as inclusive ones. The ideas propose an innovative and effective solution to the social need.  


2. Social impact 

The project / idea addresses the root cause of a social problem as well as needs of the beneficiaries and the solution is developed enough that its impact is foreseeable. The beneficiaries are clearly identified and thoroughly assessed. The idea has a potential to further develop existing or build new cross-sector collaboration and involves stakeholders.  


3. Potential for financial sustainability  

The financial model and potential for financial sustainability is clearly identified based on an assessment of its market potential (e.g. needs, donors, clients, partners, business). It is coherent with the chosen strategy to fulfil the social mission. The potential challenges have been clearly identified.  


4. Potential for scaling up 

The idea has the ability to scale up effectively based on existing or planned development model. The potential for scaling up is designed as realistic and come from identification or mapping of its resources. 


5. Entrepreneurial and ethical quality of applicant  

The applicants are genuine about wanting to solve the identified challenge, and aware of the efforts required. They are motivated to carry out the large-scale implementation of their idea. The applicants are trustworthy and have no hidden interests, so they show unquestionable ethical fiber. They have the ability to leverage experiences and learnings from others to scale up their efforts. 

Do you think you have what it takes? Read the full Regulation and apply by April 12th, 2019 at midnight CET.   

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