By networking and leveraging partnerships, energiaTa (YourEnergy) wants to work with communities to tackle energy poverty in Romania. In addition to ensuring everyone has access to clean, affordable energy, it aims to lower energy bills by improving energy efficiency and also find ways to improve incomes. 



With a Monopoly-style board game, FOSa is bringing together people affected by energy poverty and empowering them to make changes that reduce energy costs. 

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Seeking to help local citizens avoid traffic congestion and emissions from standard types of transportation, a team from John Atanasov School in Bulgaria has invented an electric bicycle, powered by the sun.


Bucharest’s District 1 City Hall plans to renovate thousands of buildings to improve energy efficiency while also increasing renewable energy use by 20% and cutting CO2 emissions by 20%.  

Low energy efficiency of Romanian buildings leaves those living in both apartments and single-family homes with excessively high energy bills and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to match.  


A project to produce and distribute sustainable heating briquettes complements the Real Pearl Foundation’s numerous endeavours to lift rural communities in Hungary out of energy poverty.