The Passive House Center project fights energy poverty and high energy costs by supporting the integration of passive standard principles for new energy-efficient housing or refurbishment of existing buildings that have the largest energy consumption bills. 


Asociace Občanských Poraden (AOP, Association of Citizens Advice Centres) aims to launch a nationwide model of energy counselling that would improve energy efficiency, thereby tackling a key cause of energy poverty. 


An integrated energy system that serves 500 people could become a new model for energy efficiency and security at the village level, and contribute to the European plan to build a decentralized energy network. 

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Many households including the majority of low-income households in Bulgaria still rely on low-quality wood (wood with high moisture content) and coal for heating, utilised in low-efficiency stoves. This means they burn more wood than is technically necessary to stay warm, which drives up their actual costs and also creates more indoor and outdoor pollution. A large share of those households is relying on social heating aid supplied through d


The Social Innovation to Tackle Energy Poverty Solutions Accelerator will soon reach the final milestone of 2019!