Social Innovation to Tackle Energy Poverty at COP 24

Beside being one of the most polluted cities in Europe, Katowice was the host for COP24, where leaders and policy makers around the world gathered to talk about the future of our planet and take actions regarding climate change. This was the perfect stage to talk more pragmatically about issues regarding energy poverty in Europe and more specific, in Central and Eastern Europe. We hosted a one-day event, co-created by Ashoka and the Schneider Electric Foundation to foster the regional community of experts, leaders, scholars and innovators working in the field.

We had the opportunity to share our work, our local challenges and get inspiration from proven solutions that have previously been part of the Tackle Fuel Poverty Competition:

1. Claudio Avella from Italy presented us more insights about Invento Innovation Lab, an organisation which empowers students to create and develop start-ups to solve the challenges of our time.

2. Another former finalist of the competition, Cristina Pizzorno from Italy talked about the work that Fratello Sole does. Fratello Sole operates in the field of reducing energy poverty in favour of Non-Profit Organizations in Italy. They want to create the first Non-Profit Esco (Energy Saving Company) in Europe, exclusively dedicated to NPOs and Third Sector.

3. We were glad to have among us one previous winner of the competition, Vicky from Greece who presented details about EKPIZO, an organisations that seeks to achieve energy for all vision by providing consumers with information/education, legal and technical support on energy issues  & assuring consumers’ energy rights during Greek energy market liberalization.